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Daycare Deals


We are currently offering three great deals to our local daycare centers.

Deal #1 "Rent One Get One Free" that's right rent any inflatable and get the second free. (Cost will be based on the price of which ever ride costs more.)
Deal #2 "Free Bounce Rides" This one's easy, we supply your daycare with our business cards and a flyer explaining how your customers can help your daycare earn free rides. It's this easy, for every inflatable or dunk tank they rent during the 2017 season your daycare earns a point. Get 10 points and you've earned a free bounce ride for your special day. There's no limit the more points you earn the more bounce rides you'll get. You can take them all at once or spread them out through the season.
Deal #3 Giant toddler bounce ride 1/2 price. That's right our Sesame Street toddler bounce 1/2 price. This inflatable can even be used indoors.


* Daycare deals & special daycare pricing apply to weekday rentals only and exclude weekend rentals.

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